Door panels  and leadlights

   IF YOU WANT SOMETHING SPECIAL OR DIFFERENT  ,  I CAN DRAW A DESIGN FOR YOU AND EMAIL YOU  THE DRAWING .      (see fish drawing for a bathroom,  yes that is Nemo!)

ALL DOOR PANEL LEADLIGHTS AND WINDOW LEADLIGHTS CAN BE INCORPORATED INTO A DOUBLE GLAZING UNIT  (DGU).    However  you don't have to have all windows in your new home double glazed,  discuss this with your builder or Aluminium  company to see if it is necessary.    I only say this as the double glazing can in some instances cause a detrimental reflection effect on the outside surface of the unit, not to mention the additional cost.   


Leadlights are a fabulous way to replace that old YELLOW GLASS,  See Photos page for a before and after leadlights photo -  what a difference. 


Bruce Hodson  works for himself as -  COMPLETE GLASS AND GLAZING SERVICES  

Bruce and I have been working together for the past 15 years,  he will visit to take measurements (Anywhere from Auckland, West Auckland , North Shore)

Bruce repairs all types of broken glass windows, window frames, ranchslider wheels, sash handles, supply and install of security stays and patio bolts.   He also does mirrors, splashbacks, shower, balustrades, double glazing and cat and dog doors. 

He also repairs Traditional Leadlights. 

CONTACT    BRUCE   on    09 410 3047   or  027 278 6434

my recommendation   -   Bruce is a good guy , as I said  we have been working together for  15 years now and I frequently receive good feedback from my customer about the quality of his work and his reliability,  so I have now hesitation in recommending him. 



I would recommend     Paul from  OCEANSIDE GLASS AND GLAZING  based in Stanmore Bay    ph   09 428 4417  or  0274 372 374 

Door Panels, are made  on toughened safety glass, made with adhesive lead strips and glass stain resin to acheive the stained glass colours. This system allows the design flexibility to achieve our designs and the added benefit of toughened safety glass providing safety and security ensuring glazing code requirements are met. 


LW8 LW9 LW10 LW11 LW12
Leadlight panel prices range from  $300 to $400 depending on size  design  and glass type selected

LW13 LW14 LW15 LW16 LW17

I aim to make it easy to order door panel leadlights and window leadlights. Lead times for orders is 3 to 4 weeks from receipt of details and deposit relating to the leadlight or leadlights.

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For any further details  or to obtain a brochure, please email me
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